Terms of Service

May 24, 2018
Version 1.8

§ 1 The agreement

The terms of service (hereafter “the agreement”) are established between the registered company, Volt ApS (Ltd.) (hereafter “Volt”), and the person who commissions the service of Volt (hereafter “the customer”).

The agreement consists of the provision of a portable charger (hereafter “the product”) by Volt to the customer upon the receipt of payment from the customer to Volt. The product is designed to recharge the customer’s smartphone and may only be used for that purpose. When the charge of the product is exhausted, the customer may exchange it for a fully charged product. The exchange will occur at the Volt booth at the festival. Volt’s recharging service (hereafter “the service”) consists of the initial provision of the product to the customer and all subsequent exchanges of the product. The service will be provided for the length of the festival, during which the customer may exchange the product once a day.

The agreement between the customer and Volt is established once the customer has paid for the product and subscribed to the service either before the festival using Volt’s website or during the festival at the Volt booth.

§ 2 Ownership

The customer takes ownership of the product (and all applicable accessories) from the date of delivery. The buyer has the right to legally dispose of the product (and applicable accessories) from the date of delivery. Volt retains no ownership rights over the products.

§ 3 Terms of payment

Payment can be made via Paypal, Dankort, MasterCard, Maestro, Visa, Visa Electron to a bank account owned by Volt. It is also possible to pay with cash at the Volt booths at each festival. Applicable fees are available at and are also displayed before the customer confirms their online purchase order.

The payment is withdrawn from the customer's card at the time of payment unless physical products are also purchased in the same order. In this case, the payment is withdrawn at the time of shipment from Volt's warehouse.

§ 4 Delivery

The product will be delivered to the customer at the customer’s chosen festival when the customer makes contact with the Volt booth. The customer will be informed both of the location of the Volt booth and the opening times before the festival via the email address supplied to Volt. The customer should ensure immediately upon receipt of the product that the product is in full working order and without faults. Faults should be reported directly to the Volt staff immediately thereafter.  

§ 5 Volt’s responsibilities

Volt cannot be held responsible for injuries to the customer, the customer’s telephone, other people or any other property that arise from the incorrect use of Volt’s products, accessories or any components of Volt’s service.

Possible claims made by the customer against Volt can never exceed the amount in payment Volt has received from the customer.

§ 6 Termination of the agreement

Volt can terminate the service in the following circumstances

  1. The customer mishandles chargers and in some cases returns damaged chargers.

  2. The customer does not pay in a timely manner.

  3. The customer provides or has provided incorrect or incomplete information relevant to the establishment of the agreement.

  4. For other reasons comparable to the above.

§ 7 Warranty

The product comes with a two year warranty. During this period, the customer can apply for a replacement of the product or a full or partial refund. The outcome of such applications will decided based on the current terms set by the relevant competition and consumer authority on  guarantees and warranties.

Should the product unexpectedly break during the warranty period, it will be repaired free of charge. Repairs will take place at either Volt’s workshop or the workshop of the manufacturer.

Damage to the product caused by operational errors, poor handling, modifications or gross abuse is not covered covered by the warranty. This also includes any modifications to the input current to any relevant part.

Please refer to Sale of Goods Act §78 (Denmark) for the guidelines regarding warranties.

§ 8 Cancellations and Refunds

§ 8.1 Festival Recharging Service

The customer is entitled to cancel the agreement up to fourteen calendar days after delivery of the Service and the Product at the festival chosen by the customer where neither the Product or the Service has been used. The Service and the Product are considered used upon the first charge of the customer’s phone at the festival. Should the customer wish to cancel the agreement, they should do so in writing to Volt before the deadline via e-mail on or via standard post to the following business address: Volt ApS, Esromgade 15, office 2401, 2200 København N, Danmark.

§ 8.2 Physical Goods

For physical goods such as chargers and cables bought via the webshop, we offer a full refund within 14 days starting from the delivery of the products. The goods must be in the original condition and remain unused. Please contact us at with the order number to issue a refund.

§ 8.3 Refund of Charger Deposit

When the Charger has been handed in on the festival, after the last use by the customer, the Charger Deposit will be transferred back to the credit card used when purchasing the Charging Service via the Volt website. The transfer of the deposit back to Customers credit card will happen within 7 working days after the festival has ended.

§ 9 Personal Information and Privacy

This section “§ 9 Personal Information” gives a limited insight into how personal information is gathered and used in Volt. Please see our Privacy Policy for a complete overview.

Volt has the right to retain and use the personal information that the customer has provided in establishing the agreement. These details will be used to establish a user profile for the customer in Volt’s customer database and compiled as statistical data for analysis and development of Volt’s business.

Volt may use the contact details provided by the customer to contact the customer with information regarding Volt. This contact may occur both before and after the period of the customer’s subscription. The customer may, at any time, opt out of further information from Volt.

Should Volt become aware that the registered personal information in incorrect, Volt will correct or delete information so that company data analysis will not be compromised.

The customer gives their personal information to Volt voluntarily, but in the case where the customer does not wish to hand over personal information, Volt has the right to refuse service to the customer.

§ 10 Commencement

The agreement is only commenced and comes into force once Volt has received payment and validated the agreement.

§ 11 Cancellation of service

Volt reserves the right to cancel service at any festival. In the case where the customer has registered and paid both the deposit and the service fee, the customer has the right to a full refund of both the deposit and service fee for that festival.

§ 12 Jurisdiction Law

The purchase is governed by the Sale of Goods Act for Denmark.